Two weeks ago, we started our summer blog series called “One Summer, Many Stories” where we are featuring a few members of the TEDxOhioStateUniversity team each week and highlighting how they are spreading ideas and what they are doing this summer. Last week, Part II featured Stephany Tabet, Alex Cochran, Caroline Klug, and Cassie Smith who are doing things from interning abroad to performing in plays! Part I showcased Karan Rai, Sam Lechner, Brandon Mushchlitz, and Therese Rajasekera.

This week, for Part III of the series features Holly Rack, Raine McMullen, Suzy Li, and Ryan Hines!

Holly Rack, our Director of Logistics and a sophomore majoring in Logistics, is spending her summer with Habitat for Humanity!

“When you are able to fully engage yourself in things that you truly love and enjoy, you give yourself the opportunity to grow as an individual. This summer, I am volunteering with the Cincinnati branch of Habitat for Humanity, and so far it has been one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences I have had. The projects this organization work on are no small task, and it takes many volunteers to build something great. Fully immersing myself into the mission of this organization has further opened my eyes to the power of working cooperatively towards the good of others. Since starting my work with Habitat, my passion for action, especially when it comes to different social injustices, has grown tremendously. I will use this passion the rest of the summer while I continue to work with this organization, and also as a challenge to continue spreading my idea of engagement long after the summer ends.”

Raine McMullen, our Director of Design and an Interior Design and Psychology majors, is interning for a firm in Columbus!

“As some of you know, I got a full-time internship this summer at BHDP Architecture downtown in the Arena District. I could not have asked for a better experience so far. I’m working with the interior designers on higher education and workplace design. I dove right into work my first week here helping with a big presentation for Miami University and even got to take a visit there recently to see the space and discuss more about the project. They keep me busy on a daily basis doing renderings, preparing presentations, documenting every little detail along the way, space planning or picking furniture, fixtures, and textiles.

My favorite thing I’ve gotten to do so far is design research. A big part of interior design is researching what your client needs for the end result. What will work the best for them when this project is complete? The designers took me down to the courthouse to start a new project for the public defenders office. We had a big workshop with all the department heads to figure out what their current challenges are that need to be addressed, and also the type of office environment they have. Do they work privately most of the time or are they mostly collaborating? Is confidentiality a concern or can everything be out in the open? The questions go on and on… I love getting to work the client one and one and discuss how we can make their lives better. That client interaction is probably my favorite part of the design process. And making the pretty perspectives of course… :)

This experience so far has been very affirming for me. Getting immersed in the interior design and architecture world has allowed me to realize that I’m in the right field and I will be very happy with this as a future career.

Besides the internship, I’m just relaxing with friends and family a lot and trying to enjoy this weird Ohio weather. I have a trip to DC/Baltimore planned in a couple weeks to see some friends, a trip to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin for Fourth of July, and hopefully a trip to Seattle at the end of the summer to welcome my brother after this bicycle ride across the country. I’m also trying to improve my drawing skills and attempting to teach myself guitar…that one isn’t going so well. ;)”

Suzy Li, a member on the Finance Committee and a junior double majoring in Accounting and Economics, is traveling in Europe and interning in China!

“I went to Europe with people in the International Business Lab in Fisher College of Business in May. It is a really memorable experience for me! I went to three countries – UK, Belgium and Germany. We did a lot of cultural sightseeing and business company visits. I came back to my hometown Shanghai, China after this trip. Now, I am doing am internship at China’s Mingsheng Bank. A few weekends ago, I also celebrated a traditional Chinese festival, the dragon-boat festival, with all my relatives.”

Ryan Hines, a member on the Marketing Committee and a sophomore majoring in Sport Industry and Marketing, is doing some creative producing!

“This summer I am splitting my time between graphics producing and replay artist duties at the Eldora Speedway, while also dabbling with some directing of our live internet pay-per-view broadcasts. I am also working part-time in the Sears stock room in order to make money so I can pursue a TV production internship out of state next summer. Ultimately, I’m just using this summer to spend some quality time with family and to continue sharpening my skills for my future career!”

We hoped you enjoyed Part III! Come back next week, Wednesday July 15, for Part IV of this amazing series and learn more about the TEDx team! Check out Part I and II if you haven’t already!

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